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The Homeowners of this Whitefish Bay residence wanted to preserve the existing bow window structure if at all possible.  But, considerable rot was evident, the windows leaked and the marble interior sill was crumbling.  Other contractors had advised them to tear it down and start over.  But, after consultation with a number of suppliers we decided we could stabilize the rotted frame with new wood, epoxy and aluminum materials.

As it turned out the project was successfully completed and the cost was significantly less than it would have been with a tear-down and rebuild.

Before Restored Whitefish Bay Bow Window By Signature Spaces Remodeling

A major contributing factor to the rot was daily sprinkling of the plants adjacent to the bow.  During the growing seasons the wood never had a chance to dry out.  The photo above does not fully document the extent of the damage. 

Also, the windows had to be replaced as water had seeped into the sills and finally to the window frames damaging them as well.  The third issue was that it was cold during the winter months even though the radiators were directly underneath the sill.
  A fourth issue was the painted copper roof.  The Homeowners figured they needed to replace it with new copper.

Signature Spaces Remodeling Before Interior Bow Window In Whitefish Bay

This photo does not adequately show the true extent of the marble sill's deterioration.  But, due to the years of surface wear, heavy graining of the marble and the shifting frame the sill had lost its luster and was crumbling at the seams.

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