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We started discussion with the homeowners in 2000 regarding the need for more closet space.  At that time we suggested they consider a finished basement.  But, Mrs. Homeowner would have no part of it.  So, we designed and built an award-winning finished attic over their 3-car garage (Attic).  10 years and many smaller projects later it was time to gut and redo the kitchen.  But, just as we were about to start the design phase the first-floor laundry sprang a leak.  The kitchen was delayed in favor of a new laundry room.

But, before we could begin the laundry room we needed to temporarily relocate all of the stored items in the room.  They had to go to the basement.  As you can see from the photos below we had to add another step: oganization.
Brookfield Recycled Basement Before South By Signature Spaces Design Build Remodeling Signature Spaces Design Build Remodeling Of Before Brookfield Basement Storage Room

It was decided that racks had to be built before anything could be brought to the basement.  So, the design phase of storage space for the basement was the first priority.

Storage Plan Elevation After
Basement Storage Room Floor Plan By Signature Spaces in Brookfield Signature Spaces Design Elevation For Brookfield Basement Storage Room Finished Brookfield Basement Storage Room By Signature Spaces Design Build Remodeling

The process halted until after the laundry room and then the kitchen were completed.  We restarted again in 2012.  The complete design/build process follows in "The Rest Of The Story".