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Whitefish Bay Small Basement From Entrance Before Construction
 Furnace room will be hidden by new wall
Construction Of Small Whitefish Bay Basement From Starirway Entrance
Alcove framing
Signature Spaces Small Basement From Entrance After Completion In Whitefish Bay
Finished from the stairs
Whitefish Bay Small Basement Alcove Before Construction By Signature Spaces
Before from back of room
Small Whitefish Bay Basement Alcove During Construction By Signature Spaces
New door to furnace room
Small Finished Signature Spaces Whitefish Bay Basement Alcove
Finished from side of room opposite stairs
Whitefish Bay Finished Small Basement Back Wall By Signature Spaces
Finished from new furnace room door
Finished Whitefish Bay Small Basement Entrance Wall By Signature Spaces
Looking at stairs - note door to laundry room
Signature Spaces Finished Small Basement Entrance Stairs In Whitefish Bay
Fully carpeted and detailed stairs