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What You Can Expect
There Will Be Bumps In The Road

We offer a superior Metro-Milwaukee home remodeling experience and we believe that it is important for you to understand the realities of a major remodeling and design project, especially if this will be your first project. If you have a good working relationship with your builder and keep foremost in mind your ultimate objective, you will be rewarded beyond your highest dreams. But before your dream becomes a reality, there will be:

No matter what others may tell you there is no such thing as a dust-free construction site. But we will do everything possible to keep the dust to a minimum. We install dust walls wherever possible, H.E.P.A. filters in the furnace and duct vents, use mechanical air cleaning devices and always keep the construction area broom-swept and in an orderly fashion. We also include a full-house professional cleaning service at the conclusion of the project.
A Need For Constant Communication

The degree of success of your project depends upon the ability of you and your builder to communicate clearly with each other. This should be a top priority in your selection. If you have conflict during an initial interview, chances are it will only escalate in the design phase and especially during the building stage.

The project may wear thin. It’s not easy to have your daily life disrupted by dirt, noise and extra people running around your property. If you get frustrated, don’t worry: you’re probably not alone. The more you look at your project as an exciting adventure, the better you will be able to cope. Remember, it is the end result that is most important.

Rewards beyond your expectations. If you can weather the ups and downs and general upheaval that accompany these projects, we guarantee your satisfaction.

But Best Of All Your Signature Space Will Be A One-Of-A-Kind Work Of Art

Custom Milwaukee home interior design and remodeling projects are one-of-a-kind works of art. They are the exact opposite of a cookie-cutter spec home.  As such, things will go wrong: the reasons are infinite. But a major remodeling project is nothing more than solving a myriad of little problems. When the unexpected occurs, the solution usually involves some tweaking of the original plan. These changes are normally minor and are almost always for the better.