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The key element of a successful remodeling project, whether big or small, is design.  The more you put into it the more your will get out of it.  In fact, the degree of success grows exponentially as the effort increases.  At Signature Spaces design occupies at least 50% of our time, much of that being spent in consultation with our homeowners.


Webster’s says it means “to conceive a plan for making something,” or “the arrangement of elements that make up a work of art…” If we bring these two concepts into the realm of remodeling, design becomes the development of a plan to arrange various elements of space into a functional work of art. We call it "artful functionality".

And why, you might ask, do you want a work of art? Because of all of the wants and dreams you have been holding back for all those years. Now you can finally afford to reward yourself for surviving life's adventures. This time it gets done right. This time it is more about environment and less about raw space. This time it is about you and a signature space or spaces.

Upscale remodeling is all about the artful reflection of your own personality. It is you being able to exclaim, "This is really me (us)!!!" when the project has been completed.

Design is essential to any successful remodeling project. With today’s technology, it is possible for you to see exactly how your project will look before a hammer hits the first nail or a saw makes the first cut. With Computer Aided Design (CAD), we can create very detailed floor plans. From these drawings, we can then produce near-photo quality renderings of the proposed new spaces from virtually any angle in your home. 

If the proposed new spaces do not turn out to be what you had envisioned, you can fine-tune or completely change the elements before construction begins. It is much more economical to make changes prior to building than to find out during construction that you are headed in the wrong direction: the old adage “measure twice, cut once” rings very true.

All of the projects displayed in our portfolio went through an exhaustive design phase before being built. Without exception, the homeowners love their Signature Spaces today as much as they loved the final plans before construction began. In fact, the finished product far exceeded their highest expectations. If you decide to create a Signature Space, you will feel the same.  You see, “Signature” in Signature Spaces has more to do with you and your dreams than with our ideas. A Signature Space is first and foremost a reflection you.

If you been having trouble visualizing your new signature space(s) give us a call today.  Sooner than you think you can see your dreams come true like so many of our happy homeowners already have done.